Laughing is Healthy

Often we heard the term of ‘Laughing is Healthy’, even from our childhood we have often heard the term. Laughing is very easy, even babies had learned laugh since the age of four months. Laughing can be done by anyone, old, young, rich, poor, male or female. Laugh gives strength. Even though science say that laughing one of the most efficacious medicines given by God to man.
Just imagine if there was no laughter in our daily jokes, no humor that provoke laughter or at least make us smile made, would be increasingly chaotic situation.
What are the benefits behind laugh? Here are some health benefits of laughing:

Laughing calms down the body

Guffawing for 5-10 minutes can stimulate the spending of endorphine and serotonin, which is a kind of body’s natural morphine and metanonin. Both substances are good for the brain. If the body is stimulated to release these substances we will feel calmer

Laughing prevents stress

Laughing is believed by anyone can also relieve anxiety, confusion, sadness and anxiety and even stress and depression. So do not be surprised if in a particular hospital implemented a program of humor as an alternative healing.

Laughter = Exercise

Laughing can wiggle your abdominal muscles, chest, shoulders, and breathing, thus making the body as though they were jogging on the spot. After laughing body feels relaxed and calm. Laughing trains piston diaphragm, heart, lungs, stomach, also helps to repel foreign substances from the respiratory tract. Laughing is also a very powerful way to relieve headache, back pain, and depression.

Laughing can lower down the blood pressure

People who laugh often have lower blood pressure than people of ordinary people. When we laugh, the blood pressure will increase, but then will return below normal levels. Laughing will make you breathe deeply, delivering oxygen needed to enrich our red blood cells throughout the body.

Laughing can relieve respiratory

Those who spread laughing will always be free in breathing. Because laughing is accelerating the release of saturated air from the Memory Supplements body so that change with fresh air is inhaled. This air circulation will enrich the oxygen in the blood and helps clear the respiratory or respiratory organs in the body.

Laughing increases the function of the brain and relieve stress

Laughing stimulates the left brain and right brain to enhance the learning skill. Laughing softens the muscle tension, relieve stress so the brain can get more information.

Laughing can boost immunity

Avoiding infection can also be done with a laugh, because during laughing antibodies and white blood cells of the body work more active in blocking infection that may come to attack.

Life is full of smiles and laughing will make us calmer, feel more fresh and useful in suppressing the stress we face. Laughing that seem trivial and lasted only for a moment turned out to have influence that can survive long enough. Smiles and laugh are invaluable gift from the creator. For those of you who rarely laughed, from now frequently laugh but must be in place and the right moment, do not laugh at any time it makes you looks lunatic. So, laugh while you still can do it and its free.